Is counselling for me?

Who comes for counselling and why?

I work with individuals and couples – (by couple I mean two people – it could be a mother and daughter, father and son, or two people in a relationship).  I also support clients in their work settings offering work-place counselling.

There are many different reasons why people look for some support, here are just a few:

• Coping with strong feelings                     • Confusing thoughts and worries
• Abuse                                                                 • Addictions
• Anxiety                                                              • Bereavement, loss and grief
• Conflict                                                             • Depression & Post Natal Depression
• Divorce or Separation                                 • Trauma
• Stress                                                                 • Self-esteem
• Brain fog, overload, overwhelm             • Relationships, sexuality and sexual identity
• Weight Issues – disordered eating            

My particular interest is in empowering clients to gain understanding over their actions, clarity over their thoughts and a much deeper awareness into the relationship between brain and body.

People are complex and come to counselling for as many reasons as one could imagine. In general, if someone is finding life hard to cope with, talking to a counsellor will be hugely beneficial.

Counselling can help you feel more supported, more in control and have more awareness of what shaped you and why we react in the way we do.

Life changes, such as bereavement, job loss, change in circumstance, are all very powerful times to seek counselling or psychotherapy.