Ways of Working Together

I have had the pleasure of working with clients since 2003 when I was training.  My ways of working continue to evolve so I can be the best therapist I can be.  I now offer two distinct ways of working which have proved to be incredibly effective.

Short-term solution focused counselling:

This is a good introduction to counselling. 

The work is time-limited – you will know from the outset the number of sessions and what the total cost will be.

This work will be targeted to the issue that has brought you to counselling.

Package of 6 sessions, one session per week.

Many people find that undertaking individual therapy before embarking on couples therapy can be useful.  This package could be an ideal start to therapy before you embark upon couples work.

What do I think?  “Short-term work can be great – really getting to the heart of the matter – staying focused on the outcomes you want – brilliantly energised work! Love it!”

Open-ended counselling:

Open-ended counselling is when we embark on our journey without knowing how long the work will take.

The benefit of this work is that change at a deep level can occur and that change can be supported in an ongoing way.  This can be powerful work and bring about lasting benefit.

You may begin to experience freedom from deeply entrenched ways of being, thoughts or actions that have previously held you back.

This is my main way of working.  When we first meet we can discuss your needs and which approach would be most appropriate.

I offer a safe, confidential, non-judgmental space to support you and guide you through  difficulty you may be facing.

Sessions are held weekly.  Each session is an hour long.  Regular reviews are taken to track progress.

What do I think?  “This is my main way of working, which has been informed by my own experience of personal therapy  and my professional training .  I am passionate about the level of change that can happen when there is a real willingness to engage at a long term therapeutic relationship”.