About Counselling

What is Counselling/Psychotherapy?

Counselling helps you deal with your current situation or feelings. I am here to listen to you and hear your story. Some people can’t remember a time when they were really heard. I am here for you to explore the issues that brought you to counselling. I will reflect back what I hear, what I see and what I feel.

The process begins to develop your self-awareness. Together we will explore connections, links with the past and strategies for managing change.

Counselling is about finding clarity, seeing what is going on. Together, we can bring you to a different place, to an acceptance if the situation can’t be changed, or to find courage to take steps to change what you do not like.

Counselling more than anything is about offering a safe space – by this I mean a place for you to feel safe, and to be able to be you – without being judged.

What will happen?

Our first meeting is an opportunity for you to tell me a little about why you are looking for support.

It is also a time to see if you would like to work with me – you might be seeing a couple of counsellors to decide who you feel is best suited to your needs.

I will give you some information about myself and the way I work. I will also give you some written information for you to keep. It will include information about confidentially and what you can expect.